About Us

We mix, roll and bake on site every baked product that we sell

Our Process

Step into a Rollers café and you enter into a different world. A world where the Cinnamon Roll is King. A world where decisions are made emotionally, and rewards received instantaneously. A world where business becomes passion. A world where nothing matters aside from Guest Satisfaction. A world where the Rolls of Temptation joins great coffee to create an experience that can only be described as semi-sensual, quasi-religious.


Guests are able to see all the steps involved in making the Freshest Cinnamon Rolls at Rollers open style cafe. We begin with only the best wheat. We then add a unique blend of special ingredients that we mix at the Mixing Station to create sweet yeast dough balls. The dough balls are then crafted by our highly trained staff using the world’s best cinnamon, pure brown sugar, and tender loving care to create the perfect rolls at the Rolling station. Next is proofing and baking of the Rolls at the Baking station. From the oven, the Rolls are topped with a rich, wonderful cream cheese frosting and served oven hot, within 30 minutes of coming out of the oven.

Pure Indulgence – Taste it once and you will be a fan for life.